Concur Detect Reviewing Expense Reports

On November 1, Accounts Payable (AP) began using new software called Concur Detect. Concur Detect works in conjunction with MyExpense to analyze expense report information using artificial intelligence. The system helps to improve controls and reduce financial risk.

Pending external verification notice
Figure 1

Every expense report will be reviewed by Concur Detect before routing to the appropriate approver(s). The expense report will show a status of Pending External Verification (Figure 1). Expense reports cannot be recalled during this review, but can be recalled after the Concur Detect review step.

If no issues are identified by Concur Detect, the expense report will then route to the appropriate approver(s) as usual. If Concur Detect identifies issues, the expense report will be reviewed by AP, and then either routed to the appropriate approver(s) or sent back to the submitter for review and action. 

Expense reports may display messages at the top showing Concur Detect audited the report as seen below:

audit notice



There is no change to the way users submit expense reports. The process should be seamless and there should be minimal impact to the expense report process.