Procurement Card Program

The Procurement Card (P-Card) is a University business credit card that enables the timely purchase of low-value goods or low-risk services not exceeding $4,999 in accordance with the Low-Value Purchase Authorization (LVPA). The Visa© branded card is issued by U.S. Bank and functions similar to any credit card.

Procurement Card Benefits

  • Provides a convenient method for purchasing low value products and low-risk services that are not available via Bear Buy
  • Allows purchases from vendors who accept the Visa© Card, but do not accept purchase orders

Card Program Services in Supply Chain Management, administers the UCSF Campus and Medical Center.

Monitoring of Use
Card Program Services performs audits of card usage to ensure compliance and to mitigate any potential risk exposure to the University. Please see Audit Process for more information.

P-Card Restrictions
P-cards cannot be used to purchase goods and services that are considered high risk to the University. Please see Purchases and Restrictions for more information.

P-Card Notifications
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