Procurement Process

Below is an illustration of the procurement process from shopping for goods and services to payment.

Procurement Process

Necessary approvals are determined by the Procurement Department Code, purchase type, and amount.

  • Most purchases < $500 (or $5,000 for Self-Approving Requesters) do not require approval.
  • Requisition Approvers approve orders ≥ $500 (or $5,000 for Self-Approving Requesters).
  • Meeting & Entertainment Approvers approve catering orders and Meeting & Entertainment Payment Requests of any dollar amount.
  • Central Buyers in UCSF Supply Chain Management approve orders over $10,000 that contain at least one non-catalog item. Note: Capital Equipment, DEA Controlled Substances, Facility Rentals, Professional Services, Relocation/Household Moves, orders containing protected health information (PHI) that is subject to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and restricted purchase types always require Buyer approval.
  • The Environmental Health & Safety Department (EH&S) approves orders that contain restricted chemical carcinogens.

2  Payment Requests and After-the-Fact POs will not be dispatched to the vendor, but rather processed internally for approval workflow purposes only.

3  Voucher approval is determined by the Procurement Department Code, amount, and matching between the PO and voucher.