SCM Making Invoicing and Payment Changes

The repercussions from the COVID-19 pandemic – economic uncertainty, budget reductions and a hiring freeze­ – are taking a significant toll on UCSF. Like many other UCSF departments, SCM is forced to make difficult decisions that will impact the services we provide to the University community. Immediate changes include the following areas:

Electronic Invoicing for BearBuy Purchase Orders

Lack of access to our offices, combined with the hiring freeze, has created a severe backlog of invoices that will continue for the foreseeable future. As of June 15, SCM is requiring all suppliers who receive BearBuy purchase orders (PO) to submit invoices electronically through our e-invoice partner, Transcepta. Communication to suppliers started in April, when shelter-in-place order was extended.


For more information, please visit our Transcepta FAQ page.

Payment Methods

To cut costs, streamline the process and enable faster payment, we are requiring suppliers to receive electronic payment through ACH or Payment Plus. In-person pick up of supplier checks at our Mission Center Building (MCB) offices will be discontinued. All payments will be sent directly to the supplier.


Invoice and Expense Processing Times

While SCM is continuing to look for ways to best serve the UCSF community during this time, manually processed payments, such as check request forms, BearBuy payment request forms, expense reimbursements, non-PO invoices such as subcontract invoices, will have significantly longer than normal processing times. You can help by submitting all requests well in advance to allow time for processing.


We ask for your understanding and support as we make these decisions in an incredibly fluid environment and uncertain times.