SCM Moves to Electronic Invoicing through Transcepta

Supply Chain Management (SCM) has begun a program that will transform how Accounts Payable supports our departments and suppliers by creating a more paperless business model. This new operating model requires making incremental and/or permanent changes in how we do business. One of the key initiatives is invoice processing through our e-invoicing partner Transcepta.

Effective today, June 15, suppliers who receive BearBuy purchase orders will be required to submit invoices through Transcepta to avoid major delays in processing and payment. With the extensions of the shelter-in-place order, SCM has been contacting suppliers to sign up and submit electronic invoices, but we need you to support this effort by requesting suppliers to submit invoices for BearBuy purchase orders only through Transcepta.

In addition to significantly reducing costs associated with printing, processing and delivering paper invoices, there is no cost for suppliers to use Transcepta. Perhaps most important, electronic invoicing is touchless, which means suppliers will receive payments faster. And, by streamlining the invoicing process, the University benefits by improving and developing good relationships with our suppliers who play a critical role in supporting the University research.

After June 15, please only use Accounts Payable email addresses for submitting internal UCSF forms such as check request forms, relocation travel expense vouchers, signature cards and certain types of invoices such as subcontract invoices and facility rental invoices with supplemental forms.

For more information, please visit UCSF internal Transcepta FAQs.

Please refer suppliers to our UCSF Transcepta site for more information on signing up.