BearBuy Payment Request Form

The BearBuy Payment Request Form is used to request payment for a non-BearBuy Purchase Order (non-PO) invoice.  This form can be used to request payment for cell phone/phone lines, donation/contribution, government fees/visas, guest lodging, honorarium, memberships/subscriptions/journal publications, refunds, registration fees, relocation, student summer programs, suppliers who will not accept a PO, and utilities.  This form cannot be used for payments to research subjects, patient refunds, or petty cash; use a Check Request Form (U5-2).  Do not use the BearBuy Payment Request Form to pay invoices for subcontacts or invoices for a BearBuy PO.

Payment Handling and Delivery Instructions

Best practice is to mail the check directly to supplier. If there is valid business need for a check to be picked up at Supply Chain Management (SCM) in the Mission Center Building (MCB), or to send the check to the requesting department, one of the following exceptions should be used and noted on the BearBuy Payment Request Form:

Exception #1 (E1) Exception #2 (E2) Exception #3 (E3)
  • Vendor payment required at delivery
  • Visa filing fees
  • Transportation permits
  • Rush payments (e.g. credit holds, past due rent or utilities)
  • Other exceptions granted on a case-by-case basis
  • Requires approval of Accounts Payable Management

BearBuy Payment Request Form Instructions

Follow the instructions on the BearBuy Payment Request Form and the BearBuy job aids/other training available on the Supply Chain Management website. To request exceptional handling of a check for pick up or delivery to the requesting department, follow these additional steps in BearBuy:

For check pick up at Mission Center Building (MCB)

  1. Select “Yes” for Hold Check for Pick-up add check handling instructions in the “Payment Message”
  2. Enter the appropriate abbreviated exception code from table above
  3. Provide recipient’s name and phone number
    Example: E1 Bill Smith x60000
  4. You will be notified by the SCM Admin team when the check is available for pickup. 

For delivery to department by campus mail

  1. Enter the appropriate abbreviated exception code from table above
  2. Provide recipient’s name and department box number

Example: E1 Bill Smith Box 9999